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So many questions about buying a home?  Whether you can afford it or not?, Buying a home can be a little frustrating sometimes, especially for first time home buyers.

Peace of mind is what ABSOLUTE REALTY can offer to you. Becase our goal is to make your dream a reality.

Here are 10 basic steps to help you become a homeowner.

  1. Hire an Absolute Realty  real estate professional.
    Selecting a real estate professional to help your home buying process is a very important step in buying your dream home. Working with Absolute Realty professionals is worth your time because he or she is legally responsible for representing the buyer’s interest in a real estate transactions. We will guide you throughout the process.
  2. Shop for mortgage terms and rates.
    Know before you leap. Second most important step in home buying is the mortgage terms and rates. You want to get the lowest interest rate 9 (of course!) and the terms that best suits your financials. A difference of half a percentage point can make a lot of difference over the life of a loan. For example, the difference in the monthly payment on a $100,000 mortgage at 8 percent vs. 7.5 percent is about $35 per month. Over 30 years, that's $12,600 that you can put in your savings or spend on family vacation.
  3. Prequalify for a loan.
    You know your financials, and you know the rates. Now, the third step in your home buying process is to get prequalified for a mortgage loan. This will help you determine the price range of the house you will be looking for. 
  4. Write down the specifications of the house you want.
    After you get prequalified. It is important that you make a list of  the specifications of your dream home. What features of a home are most important to you? Make two lists: 1. Features of a home you have to have. 2. Features of a home that you can consider not having. Refine the lists as you do house-hunt. Put a check mark on every feature that is on your list on every home you look at. While at home at night, it is also helpful  to search the web to see what is currently available on the market. And tell your real estate professional the house you want to look at. Your real estate professional can then show you the houses that you found online.
  1. Visit Properties.
    This is the exciting part of the process. Now you’re ready to visit the houses that meets your expectations. An ABSOLUTE REALTY Professional will arrange property showings at your most convenient time. Be sure to bring your specification list and keep track of the properties you’ve personally seen (make notes). Each time you visit more properties, re-evaluate your notes to immediately eliminate the property that clearly do not meet your standards.
  2. Know the features that help or hurt resale.
    Knowing the features of a house that can help or hurt resale is very importante also, just in case you will decide to sell the property in the future. Like for example: In some areas, a swimming pool can actually affect the value of a home and makes it harder to sell. In neighborhoods with two-car, attached garages, a single-car or detached garage may affect the home buying prospects and future value. Your ABSOLUTE REALTY professional will help you in this decision making process.
  3. Make an offer.
    After looking at all the houses you think you would be interested in. Rate each house base on your list and notes. Pick the house you want. Once you made a final decision and pick which house you want, you are ready to make an offer. Because you (the buyer) and the seller have different goals, let your  ABSOLUTE REALTY professional take care of this sensitive step of your home buying process. Their  experience and expertise will help both parties reach a favorable outcome.
  4. Arrange for a home inspection.
    Congratulations! your offer has been accepted. It is necessary to have your dream home inspected before you pay and move in.  Set up a home inspection. It's common to find problems, like cracked walls, roof leak, bugs, insect infestations and foundation problems. You have the right to choose a reputable inspector or your real estate professional can help you find a reputable house inspector. If you negotiate repairs as part of the purchase, ask for a "walk through" before finalizing the home buying paperwork. Ask your real estate expert about home protection plans, which may save you money in the near future.
  5. Closing.
    One more step and you will be a homeowner. Before your closing date, make sure you’ve made all necessary deposits and completed the paperwork – including mortgage, title, homeowner's insurance and any other paperwork required by local and/or state in home buying. Your ABSOLUTE REALTY professional will be with you all throughout this step to help you complete the closing checklist and avoid any last-minute problem.
  6. MOVE IN!.
    CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU ARE NOW A HOMEOWNER. Before rolling out your welcome mat and house warming party, consider typical moving basics: arrange for an alarm set up (for the safety of your family), turning on electricity, water, cleaning or replacing the carpet, and notifying your local post office of your new address. The best time for few renovations is recommended before you move in. ENJOY ON YOUR NEW HOME.